Pioneering mangrove preservation project

A major new project has been launched to preserve the last remaining urban mangrove ecosystem in Hua Hin

The ecological importance of mangroves is often underappreciated. They serve as nurseries for many fish species, a nesting ground for birds, they help to prevent erosion of coastlines, and they filter pollutants, so maintaining the freshness of water.

Award-winning health resort Chiva-Som has announced a major project to preserve the last remaining urban mangrove ecoystem in Hua Hin on the Gulf of Thailand. Chiva-Som has already been acting as ‘steward’ of the mangrove since 2007, leading rehabilitation projects and rubbish clean-ups and conducting reforestation with the planting of over 2,000 trees.

Now it has launched a Mangrove Ecosystem Preservation & Science Education Centre, including the construction of a 1,000-metre elevated interpretive boardwalk throughout the mangrove. The next phase of the project is the construction of the education centre which is going to begin in 2017.

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